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Our unique pieces

Unique & old pieces, our second passion at ASART

Since 1991, our core business is African crafts. But, driven by the passion for objects, shapes, materials, we have been collecting ethnographic pieces during our travels in Africa for almost 30 years. These objects reflect ancestral know-how, traditional cultures that craftsmanship helps to preserve.

At AS’ART, all these objects perfectly live together. This might shock primitive art lovers but to us, these vestiges of a fading past and these contemporary creations are a tribute to the women and men of these countries we love.

This crossbreeding is also a proposal, a decoration bias. A series of iron currency placed on a Scandinavian credenza, Ethiopian headrest on a Poul Cadovius shelf, a Moba statuette placed on a Haussmann chimney, old stools around a formica table … So many unlikely  encounters.

This charming mix of genres helps making it possible to introduce a new audience to unique and old pieces. And experienced collectors will be able to learn about the transformations, the modern extensions of african societies.

Our taste for interior decoration has naturally pushed us towards everyday objects, objects of use. Food containers, wood, vegetable fiber, terracotta. The spoons. Seating, stools, chairs. Resting objects, neckrest, beds. Exchange objects, iron currency, velvet raffia. The tools. Arms, shields, adornments. Objects of social prestige. We are also sensitive to the formal beauty of masks and statuettes. By privileging styles that are less victims of the copy. The Lobi statuettes from Burkina Faso, or Moba from Togo. The masks of East Africa, the folk art masks of West Africa.

Find a selection of unique pieces on our e-shop and visit our parisian gallery to enjoy and discuss.

Ethiopian headrest

Touarge bowl from Mali

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