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Isangwa baskets

Isangwa baskets from Zimbabwe

Handcrafted by the Tonga people, the flat baskets called “Isangwa” supports local craftsmanship and preserves know-how that has been passed down for many generations.

The Tonga people (or BaTonga) trace their origins back to central Africa. They arrived in Zimbabwe about AD 300 and set up in the riverine areas to cultivate riche soils and gather plants.

This traditionnal basket is weaved from dry palm leaves. Natural fibers are mixed with brown dyed fibers that produces superb and unique patterns. Sometime it even looks particularly modern.

Its primary use is the winnowing of cereals, that is to say the separation of grains.

The craftsmen we have been working with for about ten years are based in the Binga region of northern Zimbabwe. They make the baskets “Isangwa” but also the “Nongo” and “Nsosa” from home.

We collect and distribute this traditional basketry while respecting a sustainable approach and by paying the workers in the fairest way.

The diameter of the Isangwa baskets varies from 20 to 90 cm and some plates are more shallow than others.

Thanks to these variations, we can create an ethnic, elegant and authentic wall decoration.

Find these beautiful African baskets in our shop or on the e-shop by clicking here.

These baskets are also available for sale for professionals, we have already worked on many sets of plates with interior designers and hotels.

Isangwa basket craftmanship

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