Panier artisanal africain, du Kenya. En fibre végétale.
The Banana basket, a sustainable product

The banana Basket In our opinion, ecological and sustainable issues are at the heart of creation. Our Banana basket is certainly the most representative product of this approach: Biodegradable, ecological and resistant! Depending on the regions of the world, different plant fibers…

Isangwa baskets

Isangwa baskets from Zimbabwe Handcrafted by the Tonga people, the flat baskets called “Isangwa” supports local craftsmanship and preserves know-how that has been passed down for many generations. The Tonga people (or BaTonga) trace their origins back to central Africa. They arrived…

Our unique pieces

Unique & old pieces, our second passion at ASART Since 1991, our core business is African crafts. But, driven by the passion for objects, shapes, materials, we have been collecting ethnographic pieces during our travels in Africa for almost 30 years. These objects…

Traditionnal armchair from Malawi

Malawi ratan armchairs are known for their comfortable seating and exotic style. These are handcrafted by craftsmen from Southern Malawi villages passing on their know-how from generation to generation. However they dont have enough ressources to sell their products through platforms. Assisted…


BOLGA lamp was born in 2018 from the meeting bewteen AS’ART team and Yann Mirada from Atelier YM. Former Photographer,Yann Mirada is interested in the object. The desire to create a tangible work guides his conversion to a new mode of expression.…

Kisii stone from Kenya

The Kisii stone fields are located in Nyanza Province, western Kenya. It is also called soapstone although it contains very little talc. It is mainly composed of kaolinite, sericite and pyrophyllite. In its raw state, the Kisii stone is cream-colored with variations…

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