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BOLGA lamp was born in 2018 from the meeting bewteen AS’ART team and Yann Mirada from Atelier YM.

Former Photographer,Yann Mirada is interested in the object. The desire to create a tangible work guides his conversion to a new mode of expression.

As in his photographs, the material he uses reflects his curiosity for the land and the wild. The smoothness and nobility of wood interacts with the warmth of wool and the strength of glass and metal

He creates and produce by hand, in his atelier in Saint Malo (Brittany).

AS’ART work along with artisans from different african countries.

Mainy baskets come from the same craftshop in Bolgatanga region in Ghana, which AS’ART is the unique distributor in France.

Bolgatonga , located in north- eastern Ghana,  is well known for its colorful and patterned baskets made from elephant grass.

Working along with craftsmen, AS’ART gave back value to these traditional techniques by designing new shapes and  shaking color’s ranges.

AS’ART has developed a lamp shade and ask Yann to create a lamp that could  perform several functions : suspension lamp, wall light and table lamp.

Yann Mirada has led prototype creation with the help of AS’ART team.

Bolga lamp name is a tribute to the Bolgatanga capital.

It is made of oak, beech, leather and a cotton cord.

Thanks to a system inspired by sailing, the lamp is easy-to-install and easy-to-move.

It has been handcradted in a limited number. Exclusively distributed in AS’ART shop and dedicated to the B-to-C market.

AS’ART also distributes the Cloche lamp, designed and handcrafted by Atelier YM.  On eshop :


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