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Jean-Paul Merlin. ENGINEER (ECOLE Centrale DE Paris, 1984).

After working a few years in an engineering company, Jean-Paul did for one year a trip around the world in 1990. Passionated of both, design and crafts, he created after coming back with Nepalese wood objects in his luggage, AS’ART with Danielle Bastelli. In the same year he also created his own industrial logistic consultant company. After one year, Danielle and Jean-Paul directed AS’ART towards Africa, where the talents of craftsmen, surprisingly unknown in France, have been revealed by their journeys. Convinced of the necessity to adapt products to the market, AS’ART embarks on the creation of its own objects. Jean-Paul Merlin leaded his two trades until 1997, when he finally decided to dedicate himself to AS’ART.

Jean-Paul Merlin is in charge of the major part of the creation and the scenography (shops, stands, exhibitions).

>>> To contact Jean-Paul Merlin: jean-paul.merlin@asart.fr

Danielle Bastelli. ENGINEER.

From 1968, she organized her professional life to fulfil her passion for travelling. Her favourite destinations are South America and Middle East. She met Jean-Paul Merlin in 1987 in an engineering company, where she was leading air conditioning projects. They shared the passion for travelling and african art objects and whished to create together a company, which could increase the standing of the foreign craft industry. Their wish came true in 1991, when they established AS’ART.

Danielle Bastelli is in charge of marketing and management and she also enriches AS'ART with creativity and imaginativeness.

>>> To contact Danielle Bastelli: danielle.bastelli@asart.fr